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I work in many areas including furniture, lighting, art, and design.


Sometimes it takes a long time to find your calling in life, or you know your calling and it takes a long time for you to embrace it. I’m glad after many many years of searching that I've found my calling.

Kingsize Headboard

Kingsize Headboard

Dining Table

Dining Table

Custom Mail Box

Mail Box

End Table

End Table

Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Beadrolling Panel


Custom Dag Park

Dog Park Toys

Steel and Copper Sculpture

Cold Rolled and Copper

Custom Hand Railing

Hand Rail

Steel Sculpture

Cube Sculpture

Metal Bracket Shelving

Wall Shelving

Jeep Bumpers

Custom Car Parts

Weld Quality

Weld Quality

Cut Quality

Complex Miter Joints

Custom Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Landscaping Walls

Landscape Walls

Custom Flower Boxes

Planter Boxes

Fire Pit Landscaping

Landscape Fire Pit


Donny Merrill

I’m passionate about what I design and build. With a BFA in design from Utah State University, I’ve learned the fundamentals of what good design is, and I’ve been able to expand my knowledge with my experience in both the traditional arts as well as being a graphic designer. I work in pencil, charcoal, oil paints, and ceramics, but I found my medium of choice to be metal and wood. I operate my business with confidence, enthusiasm, and humility. My clients are treated with the same respect and attention as my designs. I want the buying experience for my customers to be just as good as the products they are purchasing.

We work in many areas including furniture, lighting, art, and design. I specialize in design and fabrication of lighting for both the residential and commercial applications. In this day of mass production surrounding us, we think there is a yearning for craftsmanship and uniqueness in the objects that we choose to surround us. We at Merrill Built Design look forward to being the company that can do that for you.


I'm extremely passionate about what I do and I'm often finishing up one job while another is quickly coming in behind it. I'm always excited to hear about something new I can work on with you. For all inquiries please email me at, or feel free to give me a text or call at (801) 857-7021. I'll usually respond in one business day.